The Best Airbnbs in Western Australia

The Best Airbnbs in Western Australia

One of my most asked questions is 'what airbnb is this?', so I thought I would make it simple and compile all of my favourite airbnbs that I have stayed in around Western Australia! 

Let's start with tiny homes...

1. Ryan's Rest - $375 per night

Ryan's Rest is located in Pemberton which is about 5 hours from Perth. This was the first ever tiny home that I stayed in and it did not disappoint! The attention to detail here is unmatched and the views look like a painting. I recommend going in the colder months so you get the rolling green hills and fog over the lake in the mornings. Last time I checked, it's dog friendly here too! 

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2. Hidden Cabins - $300 per night

I stayed in the Florence cabin just as it opened and it was truly the cutest little tiny home ever! Nestled in-between trees only 2 hours from Perth, you will find this beautiful little tiny house with everything you need for an off-grid stay. 

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3. Heyscape cabins - prices vary per cabin

I have actually stayed in 3 different Heyscape cabins and they never disappoint. Some have tubs, some have nets, some have horses as your view and some have rolling hills. 

I have stayed at both Ashleigh and Daisy located in Toodyay (45 minutes from Perth) and I have also stayed at Louis which was a dog friendly cabin located in Narrogin (3 hours from Perth). 

Ashleigh was probably my favourite one as it had the net and sheep right at our front door! It also sleeps 4 people so it was a bit more spacious than the others.

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Okay, moving onto bigger places...

4. Stillwood Retreat - $650 per night

Definitely my favourite airbnb out of them all! Located in Denmark about 5 hours from Perth is Stillwood Retreat. The location, the attention to detail, the outdoor tub, the stunning architecture... I cannot recommend staying here more. 

You even have access to your own private little dam here with a mini jetty that you can have your morning coffee on. I truly felt like I was teleported into a Twilight movie!

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5. Parry Beach Breaks - $300 per night

Another beautiful stay in Denmark, only 10 minutes from Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool! We stayed in the 'Shangri La' house here and it was absolutely stunning. The views from the bedroom looked like I was in New Zealand; we even had kangaroos hopping around our garden and an outdoor shower!

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6. Margaret River Heartland - $210 per night

3 hours from Perth is this beautiful cabin situated in the most stunning location with fields and paddocks all around you. We had the cosiest weather while here; watching the rain fall as the cows grazed in front of our doorstep. This place also has the prettiest outdoor picnic area and swing! It sleeps 4, so is a great place to come with friends or family.

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7. Blu Peter Penthouse - $450 per night

A bit more beachy and close to home is Blu Peter Penthouse in Coogee. I felt like I teleported to Greece here with the ocean views and decor! I seriously did not want to leave this place; definitely visit in summer if you can! 

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8. Little Hop House - $245 per night

This placeeeee - SO cute! We arrived at night time so we had the nicest surprise when we woke up and realised there was an outdoor tub AND goats, geese, sheep and cows in our garden. The owner of this place is so lovely as well and even left us some fresh produce from the farm to eat. 

Seriously the cosiest little place and decorated so beautifully, plus it's only 2.5 hours from Perth!

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9. Glen Mervyn Cottage - $180 per night

If you have a dog, then this one is for you! This puppy friendly cottage located 2.5 hours from Perth is in the most beautiful slice of countryside with 2 alpacas and cows right next to your place. You are free to wander around the property and I felt like I was in a Disney movie with butterflies and flowers everywhereeee. 

The house itself is super cute and cozy with a little kitchen, fireplace, bathroom and bed as well as a little fire pit outside as well.

10. Balingup Highview Chalets - $235 per night

I actually stayed here yearssss ago and have been meaning to go back! I had the most incredible experience here; the cute chalet, incredible views and the ANIMALS! The owner rescues a lot of farm animals so you have the opportunity to be involved in 'feeding time' which means you can pat goats, cows, sheep, alpacas... you name it. When I was there, she was also fostering 2 joeys so I got to hold one and I held it for an entire hour because I refused to put him down lol

This was before my instagram/tiktok days so I don't really have any good content here, but trust me - it is SO worth going! 

So, that sums up my favourites that I have been to - there are SO MANY MORE that I am dying to stay at, so I will definitely update this list with any new amazing airbnbs I happen to find! 

I have a huge list of beautiful places that I have found, but I can't recommend places I haven't stayed at yet... so stay tuned!


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