What are presets?
To put it simply, presets are filters that you can put onto a photo changing the edit with one click through the Adobe Lightroom app or desktop version. They are useful when you want your feed to look consistent or you might like the way another person's photos look and want a similar style! They save a lot of time when editing and will take your photos from one level to the next. 

What do I need to use the presets?
For mobile preset pack you only need the Free Adobe Lightroom App.
For desktop, you will need to buy a monthly subscription to Adobe Lightroom. 

What currency are the presets in:
The presets are in USD, however if you are purchasing with a different currency, don't stress - your bank will convert it to USD when you purchase!

How do I import the presets?
You will get a step-by-step guide sent to you in the email along with your presets after you purchase!

What comes with the presets?
With every preset pack, you will receive a step-by-step PDF guide on how to import the presets into the lightroom app as well as the presets in the chosen pack you purchased. 

If I get a new computer/phone, will I need to re-buy the presets?
No! Once you receive the presets through email, you will have them forever. It is best to back them up on an external hard drive to be safe though. 

Do the presets work on all images?
Yes, they work on all images - from iPhone to professional. The desktop presets work best on RAW images taken on DSLR / Mirrorless cameras, however they can still be used on all photo types. The mobile presets work best on JPEG images taken on an iPhone or have been exported in the JPEG format. The mobile presets will not work on RAW images on the free subscription of Lightroom on mobile.

I don't shoot in RAW but I want the desktop presets, will they still work?
Shooting in RAW is recommended when using the desktop presets as it give you access to all of the data in the photo. However, the presets will still work on all JPEG images, including Iphone images. 

Will the presets make my photos better?
It is important to note that a preset doesn't magically 'fix' a photo. Yes, they definitely make them better but not all presets will look good on all photos. Your original photo still has to be good lighting and of decent quality in order for a preset to work its best! Even once applying a preset, you will more than likely need to tweak bits and pieces such as saturation, shadows, certain colours, skin tones etc. 

How long does it take to receive the presets?
When you purchase a preset pack, you should receive the email immediately upon payment which will send you a download link. Check your junk if you can't find it.

What is the difference between mobile and desktop presets?
Even though the desktop presets are compatible with all image types, they work best on RAW images taken on DSLR / Mirrorless cameras. The mobile presets are designed for JPEG images. The mobile presets are good if you want to quickly edit from the palm of your hand - a few taps and you are done. 

Due to the nature of digital products, we cannot accept refunds and all sales are final.

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